The focus of this project was the design and presentation of a new pencil sharpener, while addressing marketing considerations.

These considerations were developed around the needs, expectations, and preferences of the home consumer segment in the market. The overall look and feel of the sharpener needed to be very design focused and able to fit in with home décor.

Target Market - 5.png


Verge Sketch Page 5 (BW).png


After selecting several initial concepts to explore further, foam mock-ups were created to validate the size and feel of the overall shape and design. The final color chosen was called, Diamond Grey. This hue draws a classic yet modern feel, perfect for adapting to multiple environments, as well as providing the user with a clean sanitary look.

Verge - Render - 6 (Lighter) 1.1.jpg


Sketch Page - 5.png
Verge - Render - 5.png
VERGE - Page 7.png
Verge - Render - 2.1.png